Co-operative & Agriculture

The Co-operative movement has played a vital role in the development of Rural areas and farmers in Maharashtra, Understanding the importance of this sector, Dr. Vishwajeet has been closely associated with the development of four Co-operative Institutions in Sangli Dist. As a Director or a part of the management , he has taken special efforts in modernization and computerization of most of these co-operative institutions :

Director : Sonhira Co-operative Sugar Factory, Wangi Tal: Kadegaon (Dist. Sangli)

Son Hira is a Co-operative Sugar Factory established by Dr. Patangrao Kadam in Sangli Dist., employing approximately 700 people and with a daily crushing capacity of 3500 tonnes a day. This Sugar Factory has close to 20,000 shareholders from Sangli Dist.

Director : Sagareshwar Co-operative Spinning Mill Kadegaon (Dist. Sangli)

The Cotton mill at Kadegaon has a capacity of 24,000 spindles with employee strength of 900 people and 30,000 shareholders from Sangli Dist.

Advisor : Krishna Verala Co-operative Spinning Mill, Palus (Dist. Sangli)

This modern & technologically advanced Co-operative mill at Palus was especially established by Dr. Patangrao Kadam to lift the weaker sections of society. It has a capacity of 12,000 spindles & employs close to 350 rural people mainly from the weaker sections of society. It has 1500 shareholders from Sangli Dist.

Chairman : Bharati Co-operative Bank

He has been elected as a Chairman (since May 2010) of this multi-scheduled Bank which has 18 branches spread across India and employs over 350 people.

Advisor : Bharati Bazaar

Bharati Bazaar is a supermarket store and has over 8 branches and employ's over 100 people.

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